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Thanks for taking action and welcome to People Power United!

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I want to wish all of you a happy leap day! I have big news! I am turning on our pledges today. Our People Power United group has grown by thousands, and I want to ensure we continue doing impactful actions.


My promise to you: I will not flood your inbox with asks for donations because I believe in people power.


What does it mean? Nothing changed except we turned on the pledges. All posts will be viewable to all subscribers.

Can you still view our posts and engage as a non-pledge member? Absolutely!


People Power United advocates for access; no one should be excluded because of funds! 

Here are some of the items that your pledges will help our group with:

  • Website

  • Zoom for events

  • Postcard to voter campaign addresses and website

  • Canva for graphics

  • and we are looking at investing in text banking and upping our calls to community members to help get out the vote for the elections

Our pledged subscribers are all getting goodies!


Everyone who subscribes for $5 a month gets our awesome People Power United bumper sticker!


Everyone who subscribes for $60 for the year gets our awesome People Power United bumper sticker and a yard sign!

Everyone who subscribes for $180 as a founding member gets our awesome People Power United bumper sticker, yard sign, wall poster, and mousepad!

People Power United - In this community, we will always speak out against racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, ageism, ableism, sizeism, elitism, and bigotry!

If you love the work we do and want to support, please consider subscribing.

Everyone deserves to vote and thrive,

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Laurie Woodward Garcia (paid with hugs and kisses, not bought by special interests)

People Power United | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


"I believe in the power of the people. I have seen the love and determination of folks stepping up to write letters and postcards to voters, signing petitions and letter campaigns, making calls, sending texts, hitting doors, and dropping literature. There is no power like that of the people, and People Power United stands ready to protect our communities against any and all injustices." -Laurie

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